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Hooray, Americans Can Now Stress-Eat Twinkies Ice Cream

Were Walmart’s frozen Twinkies just Hostess’s cruel way of testing the waters for this big day? The company technically warned in December that, yes, it had gone a step further and made ice cream from Twinkies, but it effectively remained hearsay until people began stumbling upon cartons out in the wild. The Impulsive Buy team snagged one person’s pic, and as purported, it shows a freezer-aisle product made from buttercream ice cream, sponge cake pieces, and a vanilla frosting swirl:

To further blow minds, it’s part of a larger snack-cake series that also includes Sno Balls and CupCake flavors. The only immediate negative here is that while Twinkies literally never decay, this ice cream is only around for a short time, officially just from February until May.

Americans Can Now Stress-Eat Twinkies Ice Cream