Devastating Whipped-Cream Shortage Arrives Just in Time for the Holidays

Whoa, gotta ration that stuff out! Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

The worst year on record, 2016, has left everybody a good-bye gift: a canned-whipped-cream shortage, cruelly timed to the holiday season. Basically, the nation has been blindly burning through its reserves thanks to a little-known nitrous-oxide shortage, the Chicago Tribune reports. Nitrous is used to aerosolize the contents in spray cans, and a freak deadly explosion at a Florida plant earlier this year has sent everyone into a lurch. The situation is already looking grim at grocery stores. Meanwhile, the Coffee Bean is apparently completely out, and ConAgra has had to “stop all production” of Reddi-Wip in North America until it can locate more supplies.

Even a rep for Reddi-Wip, which sells half the country’s supplies, warns the Tribune that while many grocery stores still have the product on shelves right now, the situation will deteriorate quickly: “It’s in stores now, but we’re encouraging people to buy it early. There will be a shortage if people buy at the typical levels during the holidays.”

Whipped-Cream Shortage Arrives Just in Time for Holidays