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Walmart Quickly Yanks ‘Got Retard?’ Coffee Mugs From Its Website

Just stop.

It was a little-known secret, but right up until sometime yesterday, Walmart.com was the spot for the season’s most impossible-to-find stocking stuffer: the “got retard?” coffee mug. In a listing now long gone from the retailer’s site (as well as Amazon’s, where it was also briefly available), a company called JM Holdings was offering the perfect item for every disability mocker in your life. It wasn’t manufactured by Walmart, but rather made its way onto the website because, like Amazon’s, it lets third-party vendors like that company sell their own products online.

Naturally, vetting procedures are supposed to stop offensive items from appearing, but Walmart’s somehow failed. A rep tells Vocativ the mug clearly violated its prohibited-items policy, so they “quickly removed it from the Marketplace” once they were tipped off, adding it’s “unacceptable a seller put it on the site in the first place.”

Strangely, there wasn’t a big rush to grab one before the product got pulled:

It’s not clear what the point even was, since the offending word doesn’t sound anything like milk, so isn’t even grammatically clever. It may help to know it was part of a larger series:

That one came with color-changing sides for about the same price, and has also been removed. Walmart says it’s reviewing JM Holdings’ “entire inventory.”

Walmart Yanks ‘Got Retard?’ Coffee Mugs From Its Website