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3-Michelin-Starred American Restaurant Now Serving Food on Actual iPads

Eager to join those culinary visionaries responsible for broadening the definition of “restaurant plate” to include upside-down umbrellas and mousetraps, San Francisco’s highly acclaimed Quince is now serving food on a functional iPad. The restaurant just nabbed its third Michelin star this fall, a triumph chef Michael Tusk apparently has no fear whatsoever of undoing. Area ramen master Richie Nakano tweeted a pic of the dubious serving-ware yesterday afternoon:

It seems to be a standard part of the $220 prix fixe menu whose other, less questionable dishes feature caviar, Maine lobster, and white fuseau sunchokes. But the iPad is for one called “A Dog in Search of Gold” that’s described in the picture somebody texted Nakano as “white truffle croquettes on iPads playing videos of water dogs on the truffle-hunt.” Greasy mushrooms sitting on top of electronics, in other words. The only real plus here for tech-savvy Bay Area diners is that they won’t even have to pull out their cell phones to Yelp that scathing review about how the atrocious backlighting makes the dish totally un-Instagrammable.

3-Michelin-Starred Restaurant Serving Food on iPads