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One Online Beer Reviewer Is Getting Absolutely Owned by a Craft Brewer

Leaving negative reviews online these days is like messing with a bull — sometimes you get the horns. But, in this case, “horns” is a response from the maker of a product you just bashed, and they happen to have thousands of bored followers on social media. Chris B., a user of the online beer community Untappd, has spent the past five days learning this lesson firsthand after giving Evil Twin’s new beer Copy Paste IPA a score of half a bottle cap out of five. The beer’s reception on the review site has been good so far (it currently averages 4.18 bottle caps), but for whatever reason, Chris personally did not care for Copy Paste:

That’s not particularly devastating, but it caught the attention of Evil Twin founder Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø’s on December 14. Poor Chris has just been getting hammered ever since. There’s no doubt his post would fail any grammar test it got subjected to (missing spaces between words, “hopes” instead of “hops”), but Jarnit-Bjergsø — perhaps best known as the cult brewer behind New York’s best beer bar — couldn’t get past the misspelling of diacetyl, a compound that imparts a buttery funk in beer:

Within minutes, the craft-beer world had itself a new meme. Facebook followers started passing along one-off doodles:

Then kept at it, with Jarnit-Bjersø’s encouragement, all weekend:

If you ever wondered just how insular and nerdy a craft-beer fight could get, now you have your answer.

Online Beer Reviewer Is Getting Owned by a Craft Brewer