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Muslim-Run Restaurant Offers Homeless and Elderly People a Free Christmas Dinner

A Muslim-owned Turkish restaurant over in London will single-handedly restore your faith in humanity this holiday season. Shish, as the spot’s called, is offering free meals to all homeless and elderly people who come in on Christmas Day. It announced the gift a few weeks ago via a very DIY sign hung out front with what appears to be adhesive putty. It reads, “No one eats alone on Christmas Day. We are here to sit with you.”

As requested, its promise to help people whose Christmases stand to be less than merry has been shared and retweeted tens of thousands of times by now. The handwritten sign has since gotten upgraded with a fancier flyer treatment:

Guests who take them up on the offer will start off with soup and cacik (a.k.a. tzatziki), then can choose either a chicken or veggie casserole or a chicken shish kabob for the main, and rice pudding for dessert. The owner tells BuzzFeed News they’re “just helping people.” He decided to extend the offer to the elderly, too, because a lot of them “stay home alone for Christmas,” but don’t need to when they “can come here and have some fun.”

Looks like they’ll be in for a pretty delightful meal:

Muslim Restaurateur Offers Homeless Free Christmas Dinner