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Thief of the Seven Fishes: A Robber Stole $21,000 Worth of Seafood From a Restaurant

He’s the grinch who stole the Christmas fish. In Queensland, Australia, a brazen thief stole more than $20,000 worth of fish — $30,000 in Australian currency — from a restaurant the week before Christmas, hauling off 30 boxes of prawns, crabs, Moreton Bay slipper lobsters, and various fish.

It is not yet known if he is looking to resell the fish, or simply to have a blowout Feast of the Seven Fishes for everyone he has ever met, but in hopes of bringing the fish burglar to justice, police have released footage of the incident. Clearly feeling the Christmas spirit, they’ve described the theft as a “particularly” callous crime that “flies in the face of the spirit of the season.”

Brazen Thief Steals $21,000 of Seafood From a Restaurant