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Get Ready for the Return of the Jolly Green Giant

Vintage giant. Photo: General Mills

This fall, the big screen’s greenest superhero isn’t an Avenger — it’s a CGI version of the chipper frozen-vegetable mascot everybody grew up with. Food maker B&G paid almost a billion dollars for General Mills’ Green Giant brand last year, and would really like to move some product, so the company will bring the jumbo green creature out of retirement for a new ad campaign that’s airing in movie theaters. Per the Times, expect $30 million worth of “cinematic” ads that execs hope will be so similar to the movie experience, kids could think they’re watching actual movie trailers.

Like every other old thing that gets a face-lift these days, the Jolly Green Giant has also gotten a few updates “to keep up with the times” — like an Instagram account for his selfies:

For “suspense,” the teaser running in theaters doesn’t show the full giant (you have to wait for next month’s ad for that big reveal), but it’s clear the dude’s been eating his veggies in his years off because he’s now Godzilla-sized. The current, minute-long spot shows cars screeching to a halt and people staring skyward, mouths agape, and maybe even a little terrified at the mascot who used to be content just hawking cans of corn niblets.

Perfect teaser to Green Giant’s upcoming film collaboration with Marvel, Avengers: Age of Sweet Peas.

Get Ready for the Return of the Jolly Green Giant