Restaurateurs Who Are So Over 2016 Post Sign Banning All Trump Voters

Nazis not allowed.

Honolulu restaurant owners Robert and Jali Warner want a Trump-free America so, so bad that they’ve straight-up told his voters they “can not” eat at their Italian eatery. The ban comes in the form of a recent sign conspicuously taped to Café 8½’s window warning anyone who approaches, “If you voted for Trump you can not eat here! No Nazis.”

The couple tells Fox News the ban’s only sort of in earnest, since it’s not like the waitstaff is canvassing to see which customers are to blame for Trump’s victory. Also, they wouldn’t (just to give an example) “put anything different” in those voters’ food. Jari explains her husband merely wanted “to express how much he doesn’t like Trump,” and if that fair warning — which, to be honest, does read like a veiled threat on the restaurant’s front door — runs a few people off, that’s totally fine by the Warners.

She also claims that, in theory, they didn’t intend to “create trouble,” though surely Cafe 8½’s sudden one-and-a-half-star rating on Yelp isn’t a shocking consequence. The page is in active cleanup mode, but since Fox News’ story ran yesterday afternoon, Yelpers from places as far-flung as Colorado, Oklahoma, and Virginia have emerged to leave gems arguing the carbonara “may be” Chef Boyardee from a can, or connecting these obvious dots: “I wasn’t aware 8 1/2 referred to the owners brain cells. … What’s next from you, GOOSE-STEP LIVER PÂTÉ?”

Restaurateurs So Over 2016 Post Sign Banning Trump Voters