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Somebody’s Trying to Make a Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic ‘Challenge’ Happen

In hopes of creating the next viral social-media challenge, insane street dancer Marquese Scott and his crew are purposefully choosing to relive the hand-eye-coordination horrors that scarred them as tweens in animatronic pizza dystopia. Behold, the “Chuck E. Cheese Challenge”:

Of course, a couple elements are missing, so future challenge-takers can hopefully work those in: that one malfunctioning, unblinking eye, the part where Chuck E.’s head spins in circles Exorcist-style, even the pack of 15 adults brawling on the side. Or on second thought, for everybody’s mental sanity, maybe let this official video by the Chuck E. Cheese team — yes, it’s the characters “competing” in a mannequin challenge — just be the end of it:

Dancers Do Flawless Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic ‘Challenge’