Burger King Celebrates Hannukah With ‘Miracle’ of Whopper Doughnut Burger

Oy vey. Photo: Burger King Israel

To mark the miracle of Hannukah, Burger King is giving the people of Israel something they should maybe consider miraculous to survive: a Whopper doughnut burger called the SufganiKing. The name is a play on sufganiyah, the Hebrew word for the festive jelly doughnut that comes fried in oil and dusted with powdered sugar. Only this version isn’t fruit-filled; instead, curious parties will find typical Whopper trappings (minus the cheese — gotta keep it kosher) sandwiched between the halves of fried dough, plus a dollop of ketchup squirted on top for sort of an out-of-bun approach to the jelly. The delicacy is available from the first day of Hannukah (December 25, this year) through January 1 at all five Israeli Burger King locations. Burger King’s Israel CEO tells Ynet it was inevitable that they would combine “two popular Israeli food items,” clearly not referring to the glop of ketchup on top.

Burger King Celebrates Hannukah With Whopper Doughnut Burger