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Is This the Worst Artichoke Dip Ever Made?

For a fun segment this year, the Global Calgary news team decided to share their favorite holiday dishes live on air. When traffic reporter Leslie Horton gets her turn, she prefaces it by saying that what she wanted to do was play it safe and go buy a Safeway fruitcake. She caved, however, because her family guilt-tripped her into making artichoke dip. You know, artichoke dip is one of those things — like pizza — that’s pretty good, even when it’s bad.

Or not, if it’s prepared by Leslie “I am a terrible cook” Horton:

“Yeah, it’s not supposed to look like that,” she tells everyone, before warning them, “I’m going to make you guys try it.” The aroma was apparently positively gag-worthy, causing anchor Scott Fee to observe that it smells “like a barn.” Liberally topped crackers are passed around, multiple co-hosts complain of a vinegary taste, and meteorologist Jordan Witzel’s gag reflex seems to kick in, forcing him to frantically hunt down something to spit the food into. Anchor Amber Schinkel, meanwhile, simply clutches at her throat and cries, “It burns!”

Horton admits she made a couple improvisations to the recipe, which is her sister’s: a “dry mandarin orange” she had on hand instead of lemon, and some oregano and celery salt “for spices.” If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that Canadians’ blessed politeness will be the death of them.

Is This the Worst Artichoke Dip Ever Made?