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Italy Asserts Its Culinary Supremacy With This 121-Scoop Ice-Cream Cone

A fearless Italian has set a new Guinness Record by balancing 121 scoops of ice cream at once on a single cone, breaking the previous record (which was also held by him — 109 scoops). Per Guinness’s rules, the frozen mass had to remain upright for at least ten seconds, but Dimitri Panciera even nonchalantly carried his towering cone outside. He says the secret to his success was the local artisan ice cream, which may actually be Italy’s unofficial motto.

Guinness reports Panciera also holds the record for world’s biggest ice-cream scoop, which comes in at 6.5 feet by 2 feet and appears to be at least semi-functional.

Italy Asserts Culinary Supremacy With 121-Scoop Gelato Cone