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Here’s the Ginormous 100-Gallon Daiquiri Your Weekend Was Missing

If your weekend coping consisted of adding a Xanax garnish to your rocks glass, you probably did it wrong: The stiff drink you were really after was this concoction whipped up by Cleveland’s Porco Lounge, a tiki bar that decided if there were ever a time to shatter the record for world’s largest daiquiri, that moment was now:

At around 100 gallons, the concoction beat the previous record holder by almost 30 gallons and required 80 bottles of Appleton Estate rum, the bartender-power of four mixologists and four barbacks, a phalanx of 1.5-gallon Vitamix blenders, an ungodly amount of fresh lime, and an actual full-size umbrella.

That’s what you call a painkiller.

Here’s the 100-Gallon Daiquiri Your Weekend Was Missing