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Watch a Trump Supporter Explode at Starbucks Over ‘White Discrimination’

Uh-oh, he’s got his shirtsleeves rolled up.

In Trump’s America, white people should never be expected to wait for their afternoon lattes. Sadly, a man at a Miami Starbucks was forced to endure this outrage anyway, despite literally everything about him — from his flowing Fabio do and sweater vest down to the armful of manila folders he for some reason was carrying — signifying his self-importance.

The video doesn’t include the full confrontation, but the customer who shot it tells the Miami New Times it started when the man told staff he and his female companion had been waiting too long for their coffee. He then informs them why he thinks this happened: “Because I voted for Trump. Trump! You lost. Now give me my money back.” He insists the “garbage” employee behind the counter — who’s black — “did discrimination” against him, demanding her name so he can complain and nonchalantly adding, “You are garbage. You are complete trash.”

Thankfully at this point, another customer intervenes, telling the proud Trump voter: “You want to talk like that, take it outside. But do not talk to other people that way.” This just further inflames him, though, and he asks if this Mr. Buttinsky even witnessed the actual discrimination. This person did not, kicking off a minute-long attack by the white guy that ends with the line “Okay, fine. I want to punch you out.”

Ultimately, he storms out with no coffee or refund, having fallen victim yet again to the forces of white racism.

Trump Voter Accuses Starbucks of ‘White Discrimination’