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A Trump Supporter Reportedly Punched a Woman in the Face at a Brooklyn Restaurant

The restaurant where the altercation reportedly occurred. Photo: Patrick Siggins

Over the weekend, witnesses say a woman was punched in the face after getting into an argument with a Trump supporter while dining at the popular Boerum Hill bistro Bar Tabac. According to reports, the two were seated at tables next to each other, and they traded words until the Trump supporter asked the restaurant’s manager, Jonas Leon, to remove the other customer. Leon declined, and instead moved the Trump supporter and his dining companion to another table. (“It was really hard because the restaurant was packed, packed, packed,” Leon told DNAinfo.)

After paying his check at 6:50 and leaving the restaurant while reportedly still fuming. Leon tells the Brooklyn Paper, the man came back “almost running” and was “pushing some customer and the high-chair next to him with the baby” because they were in his path. Then, according to Leon, “he punched the girl.” After the attack, the manager says he chased the man, who escaped in a car and was not identified. Another diner confirmed Leon’s account with the Paper, and a local resident tells DNAInfo that the woman said she and her friend were discussing the election between themselves when the man interjected. Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked anyone with information about the attack to contact the NYPD:

Trump Supporter Reportedly Attacks Woman at Brooklyn Bistro