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Trump Supporter Allegedly Left TGI Friday’s Server Hate Speech Instead of a Tip


A server at a Michigan TGI Friday’s claims to have received a hateful note that looks like the latest instance in a troubling pattern emerging nationwide. An alleged Trump supporter at a location near Kalamazoo tipped zero percent Friday on their $41.45 bill, but got really gratuitous with the string of insults they penned underneath the signature line. Not that these kinds of personal attacks ever rise above embarrassingly clichéd hostilities, but this one’s no more creative than all the bad words the writer could think up, listed one after another — both F-words and the N-word, with the proud hashtag “#PresidentTRUMP.”

The receipt was originally posted to Facebook, where says it’s collected over 500 comments, a fair number of which question whether the message was faked. While that’s certainly possible, it appears a Visa card was at least run for that amount, and the restaurant copy of the receipt was signed without any tip being left. The server has been kept anonymous. reports that police are looking into whether the incident constitutes a hate crime.

For its part, TGI Friday’s tells WWMT it’s aware of the note and has reached out to that Michigan location and the server. The chain says it’s trying to stay focused on “making sure every guest and team member feels cared for, valued and respected,” adding, “Now is the time for everyone to come together.”

Trump Supporter Left Hate Speech on TGI Friday’s Receipt