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Some Trump Supporters Spent the Weekend Feuding With Starbucks Baristas

Some Donald Trump supporters are angry that a Florida Starbucks refused to put the president-elect’s name on somebody’s cup of coffee. So, over the weekend, a group went out and purchased coffee for the purposes of shaming baristas who won’t write “Trump” on cups.

So far, the fuss appears to be really improving the coffeehouse-going morale for the people on both sides of Starbucks’ counter:

The #TrumpCup organizer Tim Treadstone, who goes by the handle Baked Alaska™, has since clarified this isn’t “a ‘protest’ like most of the media is reporting,” but rather “an example [of] how we want to make America great again and show respect for our president.” Starbucks, meanwhile, has been forced to remind the public that baristas aren’t required to put a name on anybody’s cup, nor do they have to yell out any name that’s given to them.

It’s also worth noting this isn’t the first time conservatives have tried teaching the ’Bucks a lesson by pretending their name is “Trump,” and it seems the rift will only continue to get wider, as the coffee chain just signed a letter demanding the president-elect change his position on climate change.

Some Trump Supporters Are Feuding With Starbucks Baristas