As If We Didn’t Have Enough to Worry About Today, Toblerone Went and Messed With Its Candy

People are understandably upset. Photo: Toblerone

A lot is on the line today, what with that election thing and all. Somehow, against all odds, Toblerone has managed to make the situation even worse. The classic chocolate-and-nougat bar is known for its weird and unnecessary shape. It’s one of modern life’s constants, like chefs screwing up ketchup or guacamole. No longer in the U.K.

In a Facebook post, Toblerone manufacturer Mondelez International announced that it would alter the bar’s classic shape in the United Kingdom — tantamount to messing with the fabric of the universe. By reducing the size of its approximately 6-ounce and 14-ounce bars to roughly 5 ounces and 12.5 ounces, it altered the essential shape of the candy so that the triangles are spaced farther apart. You probably haven’t noticed this, as the altered bars are only being sold at the British discount retailer Poundland. Currently, Toblerones in America remain safe.

Recognizing the importance of this affront, hundreds of fans responded to a change that would affect very few of them. As one user pointed out, “The key part of a Toblerone is the Alpine shape of the peaks.” Another very reasonably argued that it was “up there with the dumbest corporate decisions of all time.” Yet another lamented, “I’ve grown up with Toblerone and [it] always gave me that special feeling of Switzerland.”

The U.K., though, has no one to blame but itself. Mondelez explained that it chose to change the shape over raising the price because of the economic troubles the U.K. faces after voters decided to leave the EU. Yet another unforeseen consequence of Brexit.

Making Election Day Worse, Toblerone Messed With Its Candy