A Texas Restaurant Changed Its Name to ‘Trump Cafe’ Ahead of the Election

The snazzy new logo.

Texans who need even their meal to back the Republican presidential candidate just got an exciting new option. Owners Su and Eddie Hawa have officially changed the name of their restaurant in Belville, a town 60 miles outside of Houston, to Trump Cafe to honor the man they hope wins the White House. “He loves America,” Su tells the Houston Chronicle, “and we hope he will be president.” A complete rebrand like this of course required printing new menus, swapping signage, and whatnot, so the Hawas add that, win or lose, Trump Cafe is likely here to stay.

As expected, they’ve overhauled the menu. Back in its “Bellville Cafe” days, the restaurant used to be a spot for “casual French fare.” Now it will start specializing in “American, Trump-themed” food, which means the locals may be getting that combination KFCTaco BellPizza Hut they’ve always wanted.

The area is about as red state as they come, but plenty of online commenters have weighed in online, including this person who was kind enough to offer a menu suggestion for the Trump-loving owners:

Texas Restaurant Changes Name to ‘Trump Cafe’