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Taco Bell’s Got a New Cheetos Quesadilla and People Are Real Excited

Better than eating them with your hands.

Luckily or sadly, depending on your life outlook, Taco Bell’s newest stunt food — this quesadilla with Cheetos inside — has rolled out exclusively in the Philippines, and only for a limited time. It continues a long tradition of gimmicky Frito-Lay tie-ins, and this particular item features jalapeño Cheetos, for what we imagine is a semblance of spice. As everybody knows though, Cheetos’s most redeeming quality is the satisfying crunch, and this creation may be evidence that no amount of melted cheese can ruin the bright-orange snack’s texture.

Even the most stoned teenager in the world can tell you it’s difficult to ruin melted cheese, Cheetos, and a tortilla, so naturally people online are going nuts over this. And photos of the actual quesadilla make it look like you don’t have to wait for a Stateside appearance because it would be very, very easy to make this yourself.

Taco Bell’s Latest Stunt Food Is This Cheetos Quesadilla