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Restaurateur Is Sorry for Joking That It’s Time to Start Grabbing People by Their Genitals

It’s been less than two days under President-elect Donald Trump, and Georgios Aspiotis, who runs Greek eatery Corfu Grill in Forest Hills, posted what he now insists was “a joke” to his personal Facebook page that showed him holding an Election Day ballot and the caption “From tomorrow we grab them by there pussy.”

Not surprisingly, it was an instant fiasco, with a neighborhood Facebook group attacking the post as, at minimum, “not funny,” and also noting that “A sexual predator made that remark originally.” Once screenshots started making the rounds, Gothamist reached out to Aspiotis, who had a lot of interesting things to say about why this joke was made. And also, because the site unearthed more gems on his social media, why he’d once used the phrase “white power” or written he hoped the “stupid prostitut” (a.k.a. adult actress Jessica Drake) who accused Trump of offering her $10,000 for sex actually took the money. Seems the appropriate time to mention, as well, that Corfu’s Instagram is chockablock with questionable photos involving Aspiotis:

He tells Gothamist he’s sorry, since it’s not like he was “planning to offend anybody” with that Facebook post. Rather, it was just “a joke between me and my friends.” Besides, it’s “actually something the president says,” and Aspiotis is “a guy who likes to joke like that sometime,” so, you know, where’s everybody’s sense of humor? Also, he’s not a causal racist, and the exhortation to grab people’s genitals was what you might call not literal: “Would I go to the street and grab her by a vagina? What am I, crazy?”

Restaurateur Jokes About Grabbing People by Their Genitals