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Police Department Fakes Out Drivers by Giving Them Free Turkeys Instead of Tickets

Footage shot in Texas this week captured the Fort Worth Police Department doing some pretty suspicious activity. Instead of ticketing drivers who didn’t signal or bother to put on a safety belt, officers confused local residents by pulling them over, then handing out free turkeys.

WFAA says five teams fanned out around town with the birds hidden somewhere inside their patrol cars and a camera crew in tow. Officers saved the big surprise until after they’d flipped the lights and sirens on, ensuring suspects still panicked sufficiently about where their insurance cards were. One stunned woman gets told that this time, Forth Worth PD will “overlook” the fact that she was “driving on the wrong side of the roadway.” Instead, the officer announces dryly, “We’re going to give you a Thanksgiving turkey.”

Surely these drivers were all pleased they got out of their tickets, but a second problem actually began the moment the traffic stop ended: Now they’ve got a 10-pound bird in need of a fridge, and they’re on the way to their kids’ soccer game.

Police Fake Out Drivers With Free Turkeys Instead of Tickets