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Gay Woman Buys Obnoxiously Homophobic Family’s Dinner As an ‘Act of Love’

Tips from Jesus.

It hasn’t been what you’d call a banner week for national unity, so hats off to this LGBT-rights advocate in Dallas who responded to a Christian family she overheard bashing their “gay” nephew by paying for their meal. Natalie Woods tells the Huffington Post she was eating at a Snuffer’s when the table behind her dove into how “disgusted” they were that their “liberal” nephew (strike one) had also come out as gay (strike two). Woods works for a gay-rights group and is also a Human Rights Campaign vet, but what popped into her mind was Michelle Obama’s poignant DNC speech — “When they go low, we go high.”

She says while the table made plans to pray away the gay, she pulled a WWJD of her own and decided to “actually act like the Jesus I grew up learning about.” Rather than chewing them out, she quietly requested the family’s $49.01 bill and paid it. On the receipt, she wrote: “Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way.” Below a heart and her first initial, she added: “P.S. Be accepting of your family.”

Woods didn’t stick around to chat, but did share a pic of the receipt on Facebook, where it’s now picked up almost 1,000 likes, with people in the comments thanking her for being “a class act, all the way,” and questioning the family’s intelligence since, as one person mentions, “Who goes to Snuffers and doesn’t order the cheese fries?!?!”

LGBT Advocate Buys Gay-Bashing Christians’ Dinner