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Kindhearted Restaurant Customer Leaves 400 Percent Tip for Immigrant Server

Finally a receipt that will make you happy.

Since Trump’s election, service-industry employees have dealt with some serious crap from customers, so Osamah Ajour, who is originally from Palestine and now works at Denver’s Damascus Restaurant, is likely ecstatic that he’s in the news thanks to a $100 tip on a $23.61 check, left by a caring customer the day after the presidential election.

Ajour tells the Denver Post he only talked to this particular customer for “about two minutes,” yet she reportedly left the massive top alongside a handwritten note that read, “You belong here, and I’m glad you’re here.” The woman had asked Ajour how he was doing, to which he replied he’s “hanging in there” and honestly believes America is “way better than what happened” on Election Day. And, he adds, “This lady made me very happy.”

Restaurant Customer Leaves $100 Tip for Immigrant Server