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How Corona Could Benefit From a Potential Trump Loss

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

The undecided voters still out there might want to consider voting for Hillary Clinton, if only to save America’s most popular imported beer. If the anti-immigrant crusader loses, that’s great news for Corona — and the meteoric surge in its distributor’s share prices over the past three days shows how much is riding on the election. Half of Constellation Brands’ nearly $5 billion in annual sales come from Mexican imports, the majority of which is wildly popular Corona. So the company is keenly aware that an about-face on U.S.-Mexico relations, whether thanks to a 2,000-mile border wall or abrupt withdrawal from NAFTA, would be no bueno for its bottom line.

Luckily, electoral reality finally seems to have sunk in on Wall Street, where Constellation’s stock prices were administered a pretty legit beating as the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server dragged on. Following Sunday’s news that she was once again cleared of any wrongdoing, Constellation shares rose by as much as 4 percent, their biggest one-day gain in over a month:

Unlike certain American rivals, Constellation and Corona (wisely) didn’t make any sort of official endorsement. But odds are pretty good they’re breathing a sigh of relief now. For its part, Corona just released a new ad down in Mexico that it describes as being “very different” from anything else you’ll see the brand’s name on. It’s called “The Wall,” and it starts with actor Diego Luna saying, “All of us are angry at the wall that mad man wants to build.”

How Corona Could Benefit From a Potential Trump Loss