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Here’s How to Make the Infamous ‘Moist Maker’ Thanksgiving Sandwich from Friends

If you’re a fan of Friends, Thanksgiving leftovers are good for pretty much one thing only: a “Moist Maker.” The Monica Geller special consists of turkey, stuffing, gravy, and “an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle.” This third piece — the so-called “moist maker” — gives Ross so much satisfaction that he goes “mental” at work after the sandwich gets stolen.

This endorsement (plus the fact that Googling “Thanksgiving sandwich” apparently returns “a billion” hits referencing that episode) convinced Andrew Rea, who cooks TV- and movie-inspired dishes in the YouTube series Binging with Babish, to perfect his version of what he freely admits is a “disgustingly named” food:

Rea’s admission that he’s “never” watched Friends probably should have been his undoing here, but his mesmerizing video walks through how to do everything from scratch, including butterflying the bird. Viewers who follow along will keep their cool, make their very own Moist Maker, and not end up in anger-management classes like poor Ross.

Make Friends’ Infamous ‘Moist Maker’ Thanksgiving