Doughnut Plant’s New Inception-Style Pastry Will Light Up Your Instagram

The Berry Parfait Ripple. Photo: Melissa Hom

At his 22-year-old bakery, Mark Isreal makes some of the city’s greatest doughnuts, and tomorrow at 11 a.m., he’s launching his latest creation: “the Ripple.” The three-layer megadoughnut boasts a ripple of complimentary flavor, all married together. The monstrosity, only available at Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea location, retails for a whopping $24, but can apparently feed six to eight. It’s more of a festive, special-occasion doughnut — which is why it comes in a Thanksgiving-themed flavor with cranberry, sweet potato, and crystallized ginger. There’s also a Berry Parfait Ripple (blueberry, yogurt-granola, raspberry), and a Mochaccino (mocha, coffee, milk, with a cinnamon sprinkle.) It’ll surely be an Instagram-pleaser this holiday season.

Mochaccino. Photo: Melissa Hom
The Thanksgiving flavor. Photo: Melissa Hom
It’s meant to be shared, but no judgment for eating one alone. Photo: Melissa Hom
Doughnut Plant Introduces an Inception-Style Pastry