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Domino’s Won’t Force Delivery Guy to Repay Money Stolen From Him [Updated]

Hopefully you’ve rolling in an armored pizza car, buddy. Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Domino’s maintains a somewhat extreme policy about carrying around delivery-order money, so the world’s unluckiest delivery guy has learned. The poor Michigan employee was held up at gunpoint not once but twice in the past month, and per Domino’s official policy, he could’ve been forced to repay what was stolen from him. Lucky for him, sort of, the chain has decided not to do that.

As Domino’s explains to Fox 17, the driver violated company policy because he failed to “drop” the money from the previous order in his locker before starting his next delivery. Theoretically, the policy is for workers’ own safety — drivers must “deposit the money that they took from the previous customer” before leaving again . Drivers are also instructed to never to carry more than $20, though that’s difficult given that people pay with whatever currency they choose.

Domino’s also requests, it’s probably worth noting, that customers turn on their porch lights “to make drivers feel safer.” Even still, the company draws the line at drivers packing heat: “If an altercation [were to] occur,” a rep for the company explains, “it would put the company in a position of looking poor.”

This post has been updated with new information. While Fox 17 initially reported that Domino’s did ask the driver to repay, the network has since retracted that report. Grub Street has updated this post to reflect the development.

Domino’s Won’t Force Delivery Guy to Repay Stolen Money