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Celebrate Thanksgiving by Watching These Super-Fiery Turkey-Frying Videos

Everyone from Alton Brown to William Shatner has warned it’s best to leave deep-frying turkeys to the experts. It’s a risky maneuver that might result in a delicious, golden bird, but might also leave you with a raging fire. This holiday season, federal watchdogs at the Consumer Product Safety Commission made their own warning video, which now joins a long list of videos that prove just how dangerous — and surprisingly explosive — it can be when hot oil meets a still-frozen bird. Enjoy the show!

1. Next Time, He’ll Wear Shoes.

2. Festive Morning-Show Pyromania.

3. NBD Christmas Day Bonfire.

4. Butterballs of Fire.

5. The Troubleshooters.

Celebrate Thanksgiving With These Fiery Turkey-Frying Videos