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At Ancolie, Opening Friday in Greenwich Village, Everything Comes in a Jar

The Mason-jar salad has become so internet-popular it’s hard to remember a time when the humble container was used for more prosaic purposes, like shaking craft cocktails. But when you consider how neatly the jarred salad resides at the intersection of current trends (grains and greens; sustainable packaging; food-photo mania), it’s no surprise these portable meals have materialized over the last couple of years in cookbooks, farmers’ markets, and even a fleet of Chicago vending machines. Now, with the opening of Ancolie in Greenwich Village, New York gets its first jar-food-dedicated fast-casual café, where owner Chloé Vichot stocks her refrigerator case with layered lunches like the Asian-inspired Rainbow Salad, a convenient confluence of color and crunch.

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On the menu at Ancolie; $12; 58 W. 8th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 646-524-5929

*This article appears in the November 14, 2016, issue of New York Magazine.

At Ancolie in Greenwich Village, Everything Comes in a Jar