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Check Out This Burger Shop’s Massive Hillary Clinton Mural

Lady Liberty herself.

With mere weeks until this election finally ends, a chain of burger joints in D.C. has converted its busy location about one and a half miles from the White House into a veritable Hillary Clinton shrine. Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian says he went there after watching the campaign continually worsen to a point where he decided “enough is enough.” He explains he fled Iran to escape religious persecution and — maybe call him spoiled — has apparently gotten used to the whole democratic rule-of-law thing since immigrating. He commissioned Peter Galifianakis, uncle of slightly better-known relative Zach, to do a humongous painting of what appears to be Clinton as a sword-wielding Greek goddess. That oil work now hangs in a gold frame inside the chain’s Wisconsin Avenue location, and plastered across the store’s entire front is an eight-foot-or-so blowup of the painting, plus the word Hillary and a quote that proclaims, “When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.”

Z-Burger’s owner admiring the artwork with the artist.

Tabibian admits the new décor violates the “first rule of business” about mixing politics, but adds that he basically had no choice: “I have put my business at risk because I believe that, as an immigrant, Hillary Clinton is going to be good for the United States … I had to make this statement because I know Hillary is going to be a great president, and I know she’s going to keep the American dream alive.”

As expected, America has become suddenly very divided about the joint’s “loaded” Z-Sauce-topped burgers and concretes, though:

Check Out This Burger Shop’s Massive Hillary Clinton Mural