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Group Wants to Build ‘Wall of Tacos’ Outside Trump’s Vegas Hotel

Not the kind of wall he had in mind. Photo: Visions of America/UIG via Getty Images

A restaurant-industry labor group has crafted a plan to make the corner outside Donald Trump’s Las Vegas hotel great again before tomorrow’s presidential debate. The Culinary Workers Union, headquartered just a few miles from the hotel, says it’s going to build a “wall” of taco trucks outside the Republican candidate’s 64-story, literally 24-karat-gold-gilded building that’s itself just a short drive from the final debate site at UNLV.

Joining the delicious-sounding festivities will also be the Latino Victory Project plus at least 50 immigrant leaders, but it’s the union members who have a particularly personal beef with the hotelier: This will actually be roughly the tenth rally they’ve held out front since hotel workers voted to join their union last December. They claim Trump has broken the law ever since by refusing to bargain with them.

Their stunt of course mocks both Trump’s Mexico wall and one of his surrogate’s now-infamous warning that a Clinton presidency would mean “taco trucks on every corner.” (Um, sure?) At least for once the Trump campaign has responded with a sense of humor, with its Hispanic outreach director telling BuzzFeed he “never, EVER turns down a chance to eat some good tacos,” so he’s kind of pumped to know so many options will be right outside their door. Not the the candidate himself will be having any of them — nothing compares to the Trump Tower Grill’s taco bowl, unless it’s KFC.

Group Will Build ‘Wall of Tacos’ Outside Trump’s Vegas Hotel