The Sussman Brothers Put Down Roots With Samesa, a Shawarma Shop in Williamsburg

Very good spread. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

For the past several years, brothers Max and Eli Sussman have been on the move, bringing their Middle Eastern concept, Samesa, to Ruschmeyer’s in the Hamptons, and to Brooklyn beer halls Berg’n and Threes Brewing. Now they’re finally ready to settle down, and they’ve opened a permanent location of Samesa on Lorimer Street in Williamsburg.

This is a casual spot: The space, designed by the MP Shift, includes a market area with provisions and refrigerated to-go items, but there’s also enough space that you can sit down and enjoy a pita wrap while it’s still hot. You can choose between chicken shawarma, braised lamb, fish kofta, zucchini fritters, or “A Sandwich Odyssey: 2025,” which comes with beet-pickled eggs and the cook’s choice of dips and salads. The menu also includes tahini Caesar salad, fries with garlic sauce, and za’atar chicken wings with labneh-ranch dressing.

“From doing pop-ups for a few years, we learned a huge amount about what people in Brooklyn are looking for,” Eli says. “We know a lot of people want items to pick up on the way to work, or on their way home after a long day, or have a local spot that will deliver high-quality food right to their door. So we are trying to be a little bit of everything for everyone by providing multiple ways to enjoy Samesa, at what we believe is an affordable price point.” Take a look:

Red zhug (hot sauce); carrot romesco with pistachios, almonds, and urfa; braised lamb with chickpeas and raisins; pumpernickel and mixed-wheat pita. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
Chocolate-tahini pudding with homemade granola. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
Crunchy salad: pita chips, alfalfa sprouts, crispy chickpeas, pickled cabbage, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and green-goddess dressing. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
Smoothies: banana-turmeric, tahini-date, cocoa beet with activated charcoal and dried cherries. All are vegan and made with coconut milk. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
It’s tiny. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
Ideal corner spot. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
Extra garlic sauce, please. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz
For sale. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

Samesa, 495 Lorimer St., between Grand and Powers, no phone

The Sussmans Open Samesa, a Williamsburg Shawarma Shop