Mexican Restaurant Apologizes for Making ‘Grab Her by the Taco’ Joke


Somehow, a Toronto taqueria chain’s joke about Trump groping women ended up not being the #TacoTuesday comedic gold mine it was hoping for. The owner of La Carnita says an Instagram post that rhetorically asked, “What if Donald said, ‘grab her by the taco’… ” stayed live for approximately half an hour before they took it out of commission, but that honestly had little effect on the onslaught of angry tweets blasting the chain for a double entendre based on a presidential candidate’s suggestion that he can “grab” certain regions of females anytime he wants:

La Carnita quickly tried neutralizing things by apologizing in a series of tweets:

Because the post was #TacoTuesday-related, the chain says that “every Tuesday we are going to take a portion of sales and donate them to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.” The chain’s been in trouble for “juvenile humor” before (a tweet once referred to its own servers as “tacHOES”), so it says managers will now undergo mandatory sensitivity training, and over the coming months, La Carnita will also give the public frequent updates about that training and the funds it donates. The CEO of the company that owns the chain says they’re taking this “very seriously,” partly because (shocker!) “Our company is made up of 50 percent women.”

Taqueria Apologizes for Making ‘Grab Her by the Taco’ Joke