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Soylent Has Temporarily Stopped Selling Its Powdered Food Replacement

All of the Soylent powder is being hidden away in this mountain. Photo: Courtesy of Soylent

More problems for food-replacement innovator Soylent, a.k.a. Silicon Valley’s favorite Muscle Milk disruptor. Fresh off recalling its new nutrition bar because people were getting violently ill for reasons not yet clear, Soylent has decided to stop sales of its powdered post-food product — much to the chagrin of fans who think eating is for time-wasting suckers.

The two products share some common ingredients, the company says, and it believes one of those is responsible for the stomach issues customers have been experiencing. The bar’s manufacturer says it passed FDA inspection, while Soylent adds that all tests for food toxins, pathogens, and contamination came back negative. It also promised that a new formula and bar that won’t make you ill will be available in early 2017, but in the meantime people who actually like the stuff for some reason can still get their premade drinks if they want.

Soylent Has Stopped Selling Its Powdered Food Replacement