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Sonic Fired a Worker After Someone Posted a Pic of Her Chilling in the Ice Bin

Good one.

An Ohio Sonic Drive-In employee has solidified her place among fast-food martyrs willing to sacrifice their jobs for a five-second (at best) laugh. This particular worker, whom the local paper didn’t identify, decided to take five in her store’s spacious ice machine. Co-workers posted the evidence to Facebook, which, per the Middletown Journal-News, was made even more damning by the “smile on her face.” As far as anyone knows, she did at least remain “fully dressed” — more than can be said for the Subway penis-sandwich guy.

The manager at that location has assured everyone the machine was thoroughly sanitized before any more ice was served to customers, and a Sonic rep quickly weighed in to stress this sort of behavior is 100 percent “against company policy.” Local health authorities, meanwhile, made it clear they think hanging out in an ice bin is “ridiculous and crazy,” and definitely doesn’t consider “the health of Sonic patrons,” which probably amounts to their most brutal form of put-down.

Sonic Fires a Worker After Pic Shows Her Chilling in Ice Bin