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Someone on Reddit Invented a New Starbucks Drink Called ‘Baby Vomit’

Gross. Photo: Miyomei/Reddit

If anybody needs more proof that Starbucks customers are insanely high-maintenance, check out this thing barista and Reddit user Miyomel was recently forced to concoct for someone named “Alice.” A full 24-ounce cup included, for no good reason at all, practically every sugar-free syrup Starbucks makes. The abomination was so copious, it required a second Venti cup, and fellow baristas on the r/Starbucks subreddit quickly christened their soon-to-be-newest-secret-menu item the “Baby Vomit.”

The ingredients:

• 1 pump sugar-free vanilla
• 1 pump sugar-free cinnamon dolce
• 1 pump pumpkin spice
• 2 pumps sugar-free hazelnut
• 1 pump sugar-free mocha
• 1 pump sugar-free caramel syrup
• Coconut milk
• 6 scoops matcha powder
• Mocha drizzle
• Light vanilla powder
• Light caramel drizzle
• Light cinnamon powder
• Light nutmeg powder
• Add salt topping
• Add whip
• Light ice
• Pumpkin topping

When this Alice character picked the order up, Miyomel says she laughed, then “actually started to drink it,” either because she’s deranged or because there was pumpkin-spice syrup inside, so it was technically a Pumpkin Spice Baby Vomit, and who could say no to that? Either way, expect this one to go viral on Instagram real soon.

Redditors Invented a New Starbucks Drink Called ‘Baby Vomit’