Lawyer Who Waited a Year for Pizza Refund Wins $900 From Domino’s

“Feels like I’m forgetting something.” Photo: Luke Sharett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Domino’s must at least begrudgingly appreciate the irony of customer service so bad it turns out like this: A lawyer in Australia who waited a year on a refund sued the company for his $30 no-show pizza order — and won almost a thousand bucks in court. Tim Driscoll says that back in 2015 he ordered three pizzas, some garlic bread, and a couple of liters of soda for an Anzac Day party (that’s Australia and New Zealand’s version of Memorial Day). The order didn’t show up, and Driscoll says it was “a bit embarrassing having my friends there and no food to give them,” so he complained to the store. A manager promised a prompt refund, which ultimately never arrived either.

He claims he chased them down with “frequent reminders” for months, but after a year of “fobbing me off with ‘We’ll get back to you,’” Driscoll, who specializes in personal injury and workers’ comp, took “the extreme step of going to court.” He sued the chain for breach of contract, initially requesting about $6,800 in damages. Eighteen months after the screw-up, he tells The Daily Telegraph he’s okay with the $900 and change the court awarded him, since it’s definitely enough to cover his attorney’s fees and the cost of the order.

Lawyer Who Waited a Year for Refund Wins $900 From Domino’s