Woman Claims Jimmy John’s Sandwich Left Her Incapable of Speech


Jimmy John’s got sued this week by a Michigan woman who alleges she’s been “unable to speak above a whisper” since eating one of its sandwiches back in June. Lindsey Bresnahan says she noticed a year ago that she’s allergic to Dijon mustard, but her Billy Club Unwich contained the condiment, despite explicit “no Dijon mustard, no mayo” instructions. Her lawsuit says, after taking a bite, she immediately got watery eyes and her throat began “to close.” She took three Benadryl, then started to cough “violently,” and eventually lost her voice.

She argues only talking in “a flat, affectless whisper” is particularly problematic because her job as a loan-office employee “involves a great deal of telephone contact with prospective customers.” Her doctor reportedly says the damage could be permanent, and she notes she’s had to go on disability, since she can’t work, and move out of her apartment. The suit accuses Jimmy John’s of being negligent in training employees “on the importance of accurately taking orders, especially with respect to customers with allergies.” She says the chain has apologized, but it’s probably safe to assume she’s through phoning in orders no matter what.

Woman Claims Jimmy John’s Sandwich Left Her Unable to Speak