NFL Rookie Leaves $500 Tip at Old College Bar Because Now He Can

Tip hiiike. Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Rookie quarterback and Joe Biden man-crush Carson Wentz continues to dare people outside Philadelphia to find reasons to dislike him: This week, the 23-year-old taught ex–fellow Eagle LeSean McCoy a lesson on proper tip etiquette while back home in North Dakota, when he left a $500 gratuity on his group’s thousand-dollar tab at Herd & Horns, a spot in his alma mater’s hometown of Fargo.

McCoy’s infamous 20-cent tip back in 2014 was meant to protest the poor service at Philly stunt-burger mecca PYT, but Wentz was at an old college haunt and spent the rest of the evening acting like pretty much any other athletic midwesterner, with waitstaff noting that he “is so tall” and yet was very humble, especially as a guest.” After throwing down his monster tip, he left in a cousin’s 1996 Chevy pickup.

And this isn’t even his biggest service to the Roughrider State: Between those terrific customer manners and a (so far) winning NFL season, Wentz is also doing wonders for the popularity of Philly cheesesteaks in area restaurants.

NFL Rookie Leaves $500 Tip at Old College Bar