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Server Who Broke Priceless Museum Statue Definitely Had a Worse Workday Than You

The thumb was “fully restored” by conservators. Photo: The British Museum

Bad day at the office? You ripped the seat of your pants, accidentally replied-all, and baked a pecan pie for your boss with a tree-nut allergy? Well, trust us, it could have been worse:

The British Museum has admitted to an “unfortunate incident” which saw the thumb of the famous Townley Venus knocked clean off by a member of catering staff.

It is understood that caterers were preparing for the evening in the Ancient Greek and Roman galleries when a member of staff knelt underneath the Townley Venus.

On rising, the caterer’s head hit the protruding marble thumb with such force it knocked it off.

The broken thumb was fixed back on with an adhesive in situ, while the gallery was closed to visitors. The work was said to be “straightforward”.

The priceless statue dates back to either the first or second century A.D. and has been called “one of the British Museum’s most important Roman sculptures.” The server was from an external catering company that was working a private event for the evening. Apparently it was the company’s first job at the museum, and it hasn’t been invited back.

Server Breaks Museum’s Priceless Statue