Chipotle Figures, Why Not Give Away Another $20 Million in Free Burritos?

This for you and 19 friends with iron-hard constitutions. Photo: Chipotle

Chipotle devotees are about to get rewarded for mealtime bravery: Chiptopia, the chain’s first-ever loyalty program, ended Friday after three months, and believe it or not, it sort of was a crazy success — the company boasts that 3 million people signed up, and 85,000 attained “Hot” status, the app’s designation for anyone who bought at least 11 entrées each month. Customers who accomplished the feat, sucking down Chipotle every three days for 12 weeks, will now be rewarded for their dedication and get free catering for 20 people. The company says that’s a $240 value, which, multiplied by 85,000, means another $20 million the chain is throwing down in freebies. Attaining the other two statuses, “Mild” and “Medium,” entitle those users to either another free entrée or $20 worth of Chipotle merchandise like a “Farm Team” tee or logo onesie. Not as exciting, but definitely less dangerous.

Chipotle to Give Away Another $20 Million in Free Burritos