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Watch Chelsea First Responders Get Emotional When Starbucks Thanks Them With Free Coffee

On everybody’s mind right now is how truly nerve-racking a weekend New York and New Jersey’s first responders had. For proof, just look at this short clip posted to Facebook of a Chelsea Starbucks appreciating their hard work on Sunday (it’s now at 93,000 shares and 5,600 comments). “I want to give y’all some coffee and some pastries,” an employee named Jermaine from the 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue location announces as he hands three full bags to the police and firefighters standing near a barricade.

There aren’t that many pastries, he tells them, so they’ll have to share. But the look on their faces when he adds, “I wish I could give a little more,” really says it all.

Watch NYPD in Chelsea Get Emotional at Free Starbucks