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How Sushi Nakazawa’s Chef Created His Distinct Style — and Became One of the Most Celebrated Sushi Chefs in New York

Daisuke Nakazawa first rose to international fame as an apprentice of sushi master Sukiyabashi Jiro, when the restaurant was featured in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Now, of course, Nakazawa is the chef at Manhattan’s Sushi Nakazawa, one of the city’s — and country’s — most acclaimed, and exclusive, sushi destinations. Nakazawa is also the subject of the latest episode of Munchies’ “The Sushi Chef” series. Check it out to learn how the chef ended up in sushi; what he eats at Katz’s and Joe’s; how he demonstrates his famously playful, joking manner with customers; and why his success so far is just the beginning.

How Daisuke Nakazawa Became a Celebrated Sushi Chef