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Watch a Subway Worker Casually Zap Bugs Right Over the Food

Normally, extra protein will cost you at Subway, but thanks to one talented sandwich artist, a store outside Indianapolis was temporarily offering it for free this week. Video uploaded to Facebook by a horrified customer shows the employee swinging a tennis-racket zapper and connecting with multiple targets right above the counter’s food bins. (Make sure the sound is on for this, or else you’ll miss the zzzzit noise every time he finishes one off.)

Justin Clemons, the customer who sat aghast inside the otherwise-empty store, tells News 8 he started hearing “noises that just weren’t normal,” but couldn’t figure out what they were. His son said, “I’m pretty sure they are zapping the bugs.” Clemons then looked over at the employee behind the counter, and says he had two thoughts: “I cannot believe this is actually happening,” followed by, “If I don’t record this, I don’t think anyone in their right mind will believe this is happening right now.”

That store was closed yesterday. Health authorities said initially they worried the employee was zapping “larger flies” above the open food containers, but seemed relieved to learn he was just going after gnats. Regardless, officials told media, “We uniformly agreed this was a poor practice.” Zzzzit!

Bored Subway Worker Casually Zaps Bugs Over Food Counter