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Even Classic Staten Island Restaurants Get Replaced by Banks

Back in the day, New Yorkers only had to worry about their favorite old restaurants being replaced by banks in Manhattan. Now, it appears the plague has landed in Staten Island, which — though it might be on the cusp of becoming hot — has so far been immune to the worst consequences of New York’s mad gentrification dash. After 83 years on Victory Boulevard, German restaurant Schaffer’s Tavern will close early next year, and the corned-beef sandwiches will be swapped out for ATM fees when it’s replaced by a branch of Victory State Bank. Staten Island might be known as a fortress of chicken parm, but it’s also home to a small, scattered German food scene, which includes the great Killmeyer’s, Nürnberger Bierhaus, and Nürnberger Bierhalle.

Classic Staten Island Restaurants Replaced by Banks, Too