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Rebelle Will Soon Be Offering This Spumoni-Inspired Croissant From Sadelle’s Baker

As good as a freshly baked croissant larded with a staggering amount of cultured butter is, it may be even better the next day, split in two, dipped in simple syrup, spread with frangipane, reassembled, and rebaked — a persuasive argument for recycling if there ever was one. Melissa Weller, the head baker of Sadelle’s, is expounding this theory for a weekend-brunch pastry program beginning on the 24th at the Nolita restaurant Rebelle. Instead of the typical almond paste, Weller’s twice-baked croissants are swiped with pistachio cream and sour-cherry jam, effectively translating the flavor profile of Italian spumoni onto the French breakfast pastry.

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On the brunch menu at Rebelle, 218 Bowery, nr. Prince St.; 917-639-3880; $5

*This article appears in the September 19, 2016, issue of New York Magazine.

Rebelle’s Spumoni-Inspired Croissant From Sadelle’s Baker