Everyone’s Falling in Love With the Gene Wilder Rainbow Burger

People are finding all kinds of creative ways to honor their favorite madcap childhood actor Gene Wilder, who died last week, but this Sydney bar’s commemorative burger wins twice by also being the first proper use of Instagram’s irritating rainbow-food fad:

Naturally, Bar Luca went with the rainbow-acid-trip-bun theme because of Wilder’s affinity for “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the song his family said was even playing as he passed away. The sandwich itself, which sets customers back about $12 and is available until this Saturday, is topped with an appropriately nonsensical mix of tomato soup jelly, chips, blueberry onion jam, and an extremely vague “Wonka sauce.”

Americans are admittedly sick of multicolored foods by now, but this otherwise egregious addition — called the Beauregard Burger, after Violet’s last name in the film — is a nice tribute.

And because, of course, golden tickets will appear inside 16 of Bar Luca’s burgers. One of these ticketholders then wins a grand prize (free burgers for a year) without having to endure anyone yammering about wanting a golden goose.

Everyone’s in Love With This Gene Wilder Rainbow Burger