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McDonald’s Is Finally Testing Breakfast Happy Meals

Why not. Photo: McDonald’s

All-day breakfast was the 2015 crowning achievement for McDonald’s, so of course the chain is going to milk every last drop from that cash cow. Up next, according to USA Today: all-day breakfast Happy Meals, which is basically the final frontier now that the company has added around-the-clock McGriddles, quit depriving regions by giving them either biscuits or McMuffins, and triggered a set of next-level menu hacks involving things like fried-egg Big Macs. They roll out Monday at 73 stores in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area — the same spot where McDonald’s first tried expanding all-day breakfast. For kids, burgers and McNuggets have been swapped out for the option of two plain McGriddles or a new McMuffin that has egg and cheese, but no Canadian bacon. Much to their dismay, kids can still get apple slices or Go-Gurt, but hash browns will only be available “at certain restaurants” for now. Also, there’s no word yet about the toy situation.

Happy Meals are McDonald’s biggest year-round draw, and this will be the first change to the iconic red-boxed item in more than three decades, the company says. A rep tells USA Today that people just got so excited by 24/7 McDonald’s breakfast that they “have been reaching out to us and asking us for these choices for their kids.” If the test run in Tulsa is a hit, children all around the country may be able to order Happy Meals at literally any time of the day as soon as next year.

McDonald’s Is Testing Breakfast Happy Meals